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Show sample On-line and Off-line ads to promote downline? 

Ads shown here are examples to outline the basic strategies one could follow.

In this section, it is assumed that you already know who is a media associate and what is a gate pass.

Some OFF-line ads and strategies outlined here may be a bit outlandish for a pure internet marketer, but remember, you have encountered a truly unique system in which both ON-line and OFF-line strategies can not only coexist but also compliment each other well.
Find ON-line ad section at the bottom of this page.

An associate while formulating a campaign or just an ad, it should be within the limits agreed up on in the media associate agreement.

Let's start with some simple classified strategies

Example ads.

Join as Media Associate.
Opportunity available all
over India. Contact cell:

The above format is best if you are planning to host a meeting on UpMarch, the opportunity and/or after the meetings, securing appointments for a  one2one session. Here the associate has every opportunity to collect at least a contact phone number in the initial stages itself and could use that link to attain a better conversion. One should plan for a series of online and offline classifieds for better results, considering the fact that classifieds costs next to nothing and still has proven to have wide coverage, one could expect faster networking and larger benefits.


Join as Media Associate.
Opportunity available all
over India.       Contact:

Here also media associate is building a network through classifieds. Whenever somebody responds to this ad, Our associate will reply with a detailed email response which will also include the site name and the Public_Gate_Pass she created for her downline. Since, this is an email to email correspondence, she can do business without revealing too much about herself as she prefer [UpMarch even support utter introverts!!]. This strategy too is not only very economical but also has potential to spread like wild fire!


Find some more formats below.

       Job Vacancy       
Work as Media Associate
 Beautiful home business
  work full or part time


  Business Opportunity 
Micro Investment Business
1000%+ Returns Potential
    work full or part time


Take a Free Tutorial at
  Gate_Pass: tingtong


FREE info available at
Gate_Pass: tingtong


In fact the variations possible are innumerable. Check weather the news paper you plan to advertise have an on-line edition.

Let's take another advertisement mode ... PHOTOSTATS!

Photostat is your billboard! So never go smaller than A4. A3 size suits better for display ads. Silk screening on flute boards is also a viable option. Single colour ads won't cost much.

Photostats are very cheap to produce, even laser print come cheap these days. Make at least 100 copies and ask for a better price.

When we say 'Photostat' it simply outlines a very convenient lead generation technique, following the strategies 'as it is' is left to your discretion. For example: instead of sticking 100 photostats in public places [Say, Colleges], if you are planning to target 500 spots, its better to get it printed as printing will work out to be much more cheaper. 

Here is a photostat template with space provided to add the Gate_Pass later. Made suitable to display near educational institutions. Laminating these will increase its productive life many fold.

One may copy and show this to a DTP service provider. They will be able to produce a similar design with media associate's Public_Gate_Pass integrated instead of blank space.

Inserts and stickers

These ads can be used as a news paper insert, wiper insert, gate sticker etc do a small batch print. Size 1/4[A4] to as small as 1/16[letter pad size-A4 / 4] will do in 1/16 case, a 1000 A4 print means 4000 inserts/stickers. If use A3[Double of A4], will get 8000 inserts/stickers.





ON-line ads

One important aspect an associate should evaluate is the fact that UpMarch is a fully web enabled business and a competent media associate will consider this as an opportunity to tap. While OFF-line promotions will help an associate to break into a virgin ground by also attracting some new net users in the process, to tap regular net surfers, ON-line ads are the best option. moreover, they will be more at home with the controls UpMarch offers.

Do access ad sites and go through the directions and tutorial provided, like  CPC [Cost per click], CPM [cost per 1000 impressions], maximum words per ad, selection of keywords etc.  

Links To Some ON-line ad Networks
[Important: UpMarch is not associated with any of them. Listing them here should not be evaluated as recommendation, apply your discretion before using their service.]

Google AdWords

Yahoo ads

MSN India






About Link/Landing Page  

Some online ad networks require you to have a landing page so, when a visitor clicks on an ad, say a sponsored search result text ad, visitor has to be taken to a page were more information is available.

UpMarch associates who want to promote their Gate_Pass online has many landing page options to use.

A standard landing page is included with every order. So, when the customer downloads and unzips the e-book ordered, a landing page set too will be available in the downloaded file in a separate folder with detailed instructions on how to use it productively, either directly or as a model.

Those do not want to invest in paid hosting may use UpMarch Insta-Page service as explained here.

Customers with a  base order to their credit could register as media associates, in the process, creates a Public_Gate_Pass for their downline building. This Gate_Pass can be integrated into the landing page by following one simple step. Then upload the file to a suitable server.

An UpMarch landing page set you download with your ordered e_book will have...
1] An index html file  [to point online ads, clicks will open this page]
2] A gate_pass text file  [open & add Public_Gate_Pass as first line]
3] An images folder [will have images for the index.htm and its copies]
4] A read1st text file [step-by-step instructions and more...]
5] forAll.css [a stylesheet file for index. simply upload with others]

The gate_pass.txt is a blank text file, open it and add your Public_Gate_Pass as the first line without any space before and after. Actually in that file, there is no line other than your Public_Gate_Pass.

Its time to upload...
Web hosts provide with either an ftp account or a browser based file upload system. In case the host provides an ftp account, associate should install an ftp application in the local system [like cute ftp, core ftp etc.]. These can be freely downloaded from internet.

Ok, now.. make a small edit as directed in the included read1st page and upload 1], 2], 3] and 5]  that's it! you are ready to start your ON-line campaign!!.

Repeat: If you find 'uploading' 'ftp' etc. like alien language, try this link.

Tracking ON-line campaigns

Though Google/Yahoo analytical systems are available to track online campaigns and to fine tune it, it is still prudent to use different pages with different ad networks. Also the tracking is yet to be fine tuned in many parts of India. Say, if one want a state wise result, it easier to track just that page, especially when an ON-line/OFF-line combination strategy is involved. Assessing the actual result of a campaign is important to formulate a better strategy as business grows. For that one should know which ad network gave better result, which area responded well, which keywords converted better etc.

The html landing page downloaded from UpMarch has a great feature. It need not be edited! It will look same, irrespective of how many  copies were made provided all the copies are in the same folder along with gate_pass.txt file and images folder. 

Let's assume our associate plan a campaign with Google AdWords  and Tyroo in four different keyword categories jobs, business, home and  marketing.

Let's make a sample chart..
Ad Network Keywords
Job Business Home Marketing
Google gj gb gh gm
Tyroo tj tb th tm

Its simple, the cell that align with ...
Google + Job = gj
Tyroo + Home = th
Tyroo + Business = tb      like that... we have 8 cells here

Make 8 copies of index.htm [ Right click file..copy..paste..rename]

Rename them index_gj.htm, index_tj.htm, index_gb.htm like that...

For Keywords, make a keyword list like this
Job = Job, jobs, freelance jobs, part time job, salary, wanted, vacancy
Business = business, business opportunity, profit, loan, money
Home = work at home, home business, soho, home office
Marketing = marketing job, new market, Indian market, market forces
This is not a complete list of possible keywords, create your own.

Now split the campaign by entering each page link separately with associated keywords to different ad networks.

For example: To promote index_tb.htm, let's assess parameters...
This page is to be promoted in Tyroo ad network and keywords concentrated on are those based on main keyword 'business'.

Like this, each ad network and keywords used can be tested.

If you have access to the server logs or have Google/Yahoo analytics in place, this will help you to pinpoint positives and negatives of a campaign very accurately and produce a much better conversion and results.

An associate new to ON-line marketing might find all these data a bit overwhelming. Once you start, its surprisingly as simple as following marked links 1-by-1. One can always start with a simple 'single page for all network' strategy which will be much more easier to follow.

UpMarch Insta-Page is a good system to use as your landing page, its flexible enough to be able to add the participating associate's gate pass and other details.
Associates may also embed link buttons to their existing web page as outlined here. a Deanlurell Enterprise